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    Royals Perfume is the realm of luxury, niche perfumes at a price everyone can afford. We offer by far the largest range of world-famous luxury, every day, niche, and unisex fragrances, as well as a wide selection of quality perfume dupes. Our product range is carefully thought out, with attention to even the smallest details. This means we can cater to every consumer's tastes, offering fragrances that bring out their personality. Our products are only of the highest quality to create impeccable value for all Royals Perfume customers.


Royals Perfume offers a wide range of United Arab Emirates perfumes from Fragrance World, Lattafa, and Lion Francesco at competitive and affordable prices. Arabic perfumes are known and appreciated in the world of niche and name fragrances for their palette of notes. The products of these manufacturers are known for the quality of their fragrance composition, the unique design of their bottles, and their impeccable aromas that leave no one indifferent.

  • Niche perfume dupes – an opportunity for doubters

    If you are still determining whether a niche perfume and its scent will suit your personality, perfume dupes are the perfect choice for an affordable way to try out a fragrance and discover a scent closer to you.


    Niche perfumes and perfume dupes are based on the same fragrance ingredients and often have little difference from the original. The main differences are sometimes apparent a few hours after spraying – perfume dupes may have a slightly shorter fragrance life.


    Most importantly, both niche perfume and perfume dupes perfectly capture the main notes of a scent – and a well-chosen perfume is a companion that enhances your personality and accompanies you with a scent of self-confidence, a good mood, and even better emotional health. It's a well-known fact that the right perfume is a tool that can improve your mood and emotional health several times over.


    Each time a person selects a perfume, they discover new colors and tend to choose a scent that stimulates specific emotional centers. The most confident people always prefer niche perfume and their dupes – this guarantee that a fragrance always spreads, does not wear off, and becomes a part of your image.

  • Why Royals Perfume?

    - We are a perfume shop, on the market for over 20 years. It's not just our job – it's our life.

    - High-quality products are our number one priority. 

    - We are always ready to provide you with a product that meets all your expectations and offers a competitive market price.

    - Customers are our friends, whom we love and respect. We help our customers make decisions and offer advice when needed. We always strive to deliver as quickly as possible and to surprise and delight with top-quality products.

    - We cannot imagine our daily life without these values: friendliness, sincerity, and openness. A genuine relationship with every customer is what we value most.