Versace Pour Homme arabiska versija Versus Homme 100ml

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  • Versus Homme perfume for men is designed for a strong personality - a man who is not afraid to be fashionable and confident. Their energetic aroma, which provides refreshment and energy, is an interesting modern interpretation of the aroma of the classic group of male ferns (fougere). After smelling Versace Pour Homme perfume, men initially smell of citrus fruits and bitter lemon blossoms. After that, the smell of the Mediterranean spreads - it smells of cedar. Finally, it is enveloped by the arousing aroma of wood, ambergris and tonga beans.

    Top notes: citrus fruits, blossoms and leaves of bitter lemon trees, bergamot.

    Middle notes: hyacinths, sage, cedar, geraniums.

    Base notes: tonga beans, musk, ambergris.

    Nature of smell: strong, unique.