Venus Narcotic perfumed water unisex 60ml

  • Venus Narcotic perfumed water unisex 60ml

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  • Venus Narcotic is a scent of white flowers based on a combination of jasmine, lily and tuberose. Melancholic and green jasmine play a key role in the composition. A respectful distance from him and a little quieter sounding and very well grown lily. Such lilies are pleasant and from, they do not hurt their head: they are pink, not white, and give only gentle shades of water, which overshadow the rich nature of jasmine. The last main flower of the composition is tuberose - not sweet, not too creamy, not green, not bitter and even slightly powdered. This creates an extra layer, complicates floral consensus, and enhances the same narcotic sensation of a bouquet of white flowers. Venus Narkotic fragrance is a more fresh, muscular, elegant gel and warm spice scent for women. The main notes of the aroma: Tuberose, jasmine, lilies, spice notes.