Velvet Oud perfumed water unisex 100ml

  • Velvet Oud perfumed water unisex 100ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Vanilla4 Patchouli3 Orchid2 Bergamot1 Citrus
  • Velvet Oud is beautiful, sensual and versatile, sounding like a precious natural silk, a feminine oriental floral fragrance with light gourmet accents. The aroma released by the Arabic perfume brand Lattafa seems to play with aromatic features, enveloping its owner with a great aromatic aura, which gives it a special, almost magical appeal.
    In the upper arrangement, the composition gives a subtle spicy truffle scent combined with spicy currant shades, citrus bergamot freshness and an exciting ylang-ylang spice. The heart of the composition conquers with a duo of magnificent orchids and royal lotus. Until the final arrangement intertwines into a gentle, flowing aromatic trace of velvety-creamy sandalwood notes, warm patchouli spice, smoky aromatic incense shades, moist earthy vetiver, velvety chocolate bitterness and soft, exciting vanilla.