Tom Ford Collection arabic version Tom Work Collection unisex set 250ml

  • Tom Ford Collection arabic version Tom Work Collection unisex set 250ml

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  • The set consists of five scents

    The scents are close to the Tom Ford collection:

    1.Tobacco Vanille is a modern, glorious one that is filled with the subtle aroma of rare cigars and the exciting smell of expensive spices subtly floating between the tables at a social event. This smell will not leave you indifferent. Perfume Tobacco Vanilla, full of the scent of well-being, wealth and luxury. The perfume composition of Tobacco Vanille consists of dried fruits, spices, cocoa, vanilla, tonka beans, wood notes and expensive varieties of tobacco.

    2.Oud Wood has an indescribable, exotic aroma. Valuable pink wood gives sensuality, Sichuan pepper sharpness and agar oud refinement. These perfumes are full of unusual, woody shades, they enchant and stun the owner, captivating with their spells.
    This composition will never be boring, even if it will always be with you. The rarest ingredients appear with a different character and scent each time. The perfume composition consists of notes of vanilla, tonka bean, pepper, amber, cardamom, rosewood, sandalwood, oak and vetiver.

    3.Tuscan Leather is a refined, cypress leather. Leather has always been the most delicate material that perfumers have worked with, and in Tuscan leather, its multifaceted, sensual nature is revealed in a unique way than ever before. A gentle, originally sensual, extravagant aroma. The composition of the perfume starts with notes of saffron, thyme and sweet raspberries. Heart notes: passionate jasmine and olibanum. Base notes: black suede, leather, amber and wood.

    4. Enchanting aroma for beauties. A lady to whom the whole world is at her feet, deciding what to do, will definitely choose the Black Orchid perfume. The charm of the scent awakens with the very first notes of bergamot, sparkling citrus fruit, juicy black currant. The composition continues with heart notes - delicate jasmine, mystical black orchid, ylang-ylang and elite black truffle. The harmonious composition is completed by a composition of patchouli, incense, lotus, sweet vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and balsam.

    5. The aroma is like a warm, orange drop of amber frozen forever. This in itself protects the mystery of nature that was born long before the first civilizations. These perfumes are great for both men and women. Scent head notes sound like incense, "heart" notes are based on the overflowing of mysterious wood and amber scents. The luxurious trail flashes with hints of sweet vanilla and charity.