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  • Teslan Collection VIII is an exciting and romantic floral and fruit unisex perfume. With a bright sound, he invites you to take a walk along the sunny Mediterranean coast, the air of which is filled with the aromas of flowers, fruits and herbs.
    In the upper arrangement, the perfume gives off a fragrant raspberry scent, spicy notes of black currant, citrus freshness and a spicy scent of fragrant bunches of olives. The heart of the composition is dominated by a luxurious bouquet of floral notes - stunning jasmine, velvety honey rose, spicy peach blossom, sweet wisteria and elegant peony. The freshness of the green tea leaves creates a light refreshing aura around the floral notes. The composition is completed by soothing vibrations of pine smoky cedar, exciting white musk, slightly resinous shades of amber and a light, barely perceptible touch of vanilla.