Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label Arabic version Smart Collection N-168 perfumed water for men 30ml

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  • The refreshing, energetic and vibrating fragrance for men is ideal for an active man who wants to breathe, relax and feel free. The aroma is fresh and smelling of wood, as well as the smell of pale hardwood, cedar, cardamom, grapefruit and bergamot makes it more invigorating. The vibrating aroma of spices is more noticeable, and the smell of wood is milder. A scent for an insightful gentleman who strives for carelessness and insight in his life. This scent features a classic and unconventional combination that offers a mesmerizing combination of sweet grapefruit and traditional bergamot to create a unique scent that would be a light enough choice for summer and give exclusivity to the man wearing it.