Shaghaf Oud Aswad perfumed water unisex 75ml

  • Shaghaf Oud Aswad perfumed water unisex 75ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Woody4 Roses3 Oud2 Spicy1 Leather
  •  Attractive dance of amber abundance and French elegance, Shafhaf Oud Aswad is a hot, flaming mix. If you love Arabic Bakhoor (incense) notes, you will definitely be knocked down by this noir and oud fragrances. Its juicy base notes of musk, Santalum, leather, agarwood, amber and vanilla. The fragrance is very sensual and causing addition, with which you and people around you will fall in love. Intense Pride explosions of fresh, ripened fruits, apple, pineapple and black currants gain juicy flavour with the first spray. Intense heart of earthy pachoulis melts around roses and jasmine petals, creating intoxicating central scent. Strong flourish of oak moss and musk give pleasure to ambergrease and golden vanilla, leaving an unforgettable signature. Wild Spirit is a sophisticated and playful at the same time fruity fragrance, additionally embraced by warm wood scent. In the beginning, it opens up with bright and fresh notes of citric fruits. Elevated notes in the heart merge into the embrace of intoxicating tuberose and jasmine blossoms. Fruity notes how the playful side even before vanilla and warm sandalwood touch the composition with their gentle, silky pleats.