Riche & Royale Intens 100ml

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  • The perfumed water opens with a surprising burst of Italian lemon, blood orange and juniper berries to create a sparkling and refreshing aroma. The sharpness of cardamom highlights the freshness of the fruit and gives the essence of pepper. At the heart, common sage blends with crispy geranium and energizing lavender to create an aromatic and herbal scent. The chord of fig nectar gives a smooth and creamy nuance in the form of honey, which dissolves in the heat of spices. Truly masculine and deeply complex perfumed water has a dry base consisting of cedar and smoky vetiver to create intense wood depth, and earthy patchouli stay on the skin for a long time. The refreshing note of the filmy vixen gives a vibrant and seductive smoke that is charismatic and magnetic.