Ra`ed Luxe perfumed deodorant for men 250ml

  • Ra`ed Luxe perfumed deodorant for men 250ml

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  • Ra’ed Luxe deodorant is another oriental tale of the main niche Arab home perfumers, which embodies the best features of oriental traditions and the unique aura of Arab Emirates wealth. The first thing that catches the eye is the rich aromatic pyramid, which includes a full palette of chords with different temperaments and characters. Ra’ed Luxe preventative arrangements delight with sweet velvety droplets of pineapple nectar, the freshness of cool watermelon and the subtle pleasure of floral jasmine petals. The textured bitterness of coniferous juniper contrasts with the transparent flowers of the silk tree and forms an exceptional color harmony. The base notes deserve special attention and excite the thoughts of others with their impeccable combinations of resinous tonka and vetiver chords, wood notes from sandalwood and a faint aftertaste of strawberries.