Qimmah perfumed water for men 100ml

  • Qimmah perfumed water for men 100ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Oriental4 Woody3 Sage2 Lavender1 Patchouli
  • Qimmah For Men is a stylish, deep and noble-sounding masculine oriental wood fragrance. The masculine version of the fragrance stands out with its special depth and versatility of sound. The aromatic aura of soft, warm and very masculine nature is on warm masculine skin emphasizing the style and charisma of its owner. And the carbon black bottle, wrapped in a silver ligature of metallic design elements, looks very modern, stylish and even futuristic. The upper consensus of the perfume gives a deep and harmonious sweet smoky scent of the Holy East, complemented by shades of coniferous cedar. The inner nobility filled with the heart of the perfume reveals sensual hints of cold sage, the scents of fragrant lavender or spicy pine rosemary. While the base of the composition is surrounded by the warm spice of patchouli leaves, which is dampened by moist and woody notes of vetiver.