Pure X Nuit perfumed water for men 100ml

  • Pure X Nuit perfumed water for men 100ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Caramel4 Vanilla3 Cocoa
  • With this evening perfume, we wanted to reveal the secret side of the Pure X Nuit fragrance, further emphasizing the lust-inspiring tension and contrasting heat-cold combination. The stimulating freshness was enhanced to increase its aphrodisiac effect and make it in maximum contrast with the burning traction. At night, our instincts are awakened and our thoughts ignite. A look at the person we want awakens in us a forbidden, seductive and dangerous feeling. Pain temptation. Danger odor. The desire to play with fire becomes uncontrollable ... Immerse yourself in the unknown. Say yes to Pure X Nuit - a fiery exotic scent.

    - Top notes: ginger.

    - Middle notes: vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon.

    - Base notes: myrrh, caramel.