Pure Musk perfume for hair 50ml

  • Pure Musk perfume for hair 50ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Musk4 Woody
  •  Pure Musk is a hair perfume with scents of musk and wood. Hair perfumes are designed to envelop you with magic and take you on a journey into the world of imagination. If you want to give your hair a particularly pleasant scent and protect it from aggressive environmental factors, Pure Musk perfume is perfect for you. It’s a subtle, refined way of breathing that envelops your hair with a fragrant aura. The product does not contain alcohol, which dries the hair. However, recently released hair perfumes have other benefits as well. First, this product should appeal to those who do not like the intensity of the usual perfume, fragrant hair products have a lighter scent. Second, hair perfume, by contrast, will enhance your favorite scent when used in conjunction with classic fragrances.