Victoria Secret Very sexy arabic version Pour Elle perfumed water for women 100ml

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  • Hotter than the sun, more exciting than ever, inviting to come - such a woman created this fragrance. We feel such a woman much earlier than we see her - she is informed by a sensitively sexy diffused aroma. There can be no stronger lust.
    The art of seduction, of course, can be tried to learn. But how amazing that all the most beautiful subtleties of seduction are housed in a passionately flaming bottle of perfume. Fragrant vanilla orchids, damp clementines and midnight blackberries slowly sank into it. Such a combination of temperamental breath will provoke and seduce, create the impression of a confident woman and make you feel feminine attractive. Literally - what you will seduce, who you will give your attention to and who will impress you - is now all in your hands.