Perfumes online: how to choose a perfume?

Perfumes online: how to choose a perfume?

As the pace of life accelerates, online shopping is becoming a daily routine. If earlier only the most necessary goods were delivered to the home, today a new wardrobe or style details can be taken care of without taking a single step—for example, perfume. Perfumes online: how to choose a perfume without even smelling it? Is it possible? The answer is definitely yes! However, it is necessary to follow several important rules.

Perfumes online: what ground rules apply?


The most important rule is that fragrances can only be bought from reliable online stores. Otherwise, the bottle you receive may not be as good as expected. It is worth spending time on reviews, paying attention to the payment methods and the contacts provided by the seller.

The price only sometimes determines the quality, but usually, the more expensive the perfume, the higher its concentration. That is why different concepts should not be mixed. For example, perfume and perfumed water (Eau de Parfum) are unequal, and it is estimated that their concentration can vary by about 20 percent. The concentration of toilet water (Eau de Toilette) usually reaches up to 15 percent, and body mists only 1-3 percent.

Why is this important to know buying perfumes online? The perfume concentration number is directly related to how long the fragrance lasts on the skin and clothes. This rule applies to all types: women's perfumes, men's, and unisex perfumes are made on the same principle.

A high-quality perfume can be felt for several hours, but gradually its smell may change a little. If you can't feel the fragrance after an hour, you probably bought a low-quality Eau de Toilette.

How to choose a perfume? The primary key lies in the description.


When choosing perfumes online, their description is essential, so online stores with broad and clear fragrance descriptions are more valuable. Descriptions should be provided in the shop country's language, sometimes with links to the original manufacturer's website.

In addition, it is recommended to compare the descriptions of different perfumes and ensure that they are different: fraudulent websites sometimes use the same description for different types of fragrances.

However, one small trick helps to "decipher" a perfume without its description - you need to pay attention to its color.
Perfumes with an intense oriental scent are usually brownish or even red in color, and pink and violet colors are more common in floral notes. The crisp yellow and orange colors mean fresh citrus scents.

If you are still trying to choose a perfume online, it is recommended to try a small amount first and only then buy a large bottle.

Perfumes online: attention to perfume notes. How to choose a perfume according to its main notes?


All fragrances consist of main and secondary perfume notes: they are responsible for the long-lasting and gradual change of the smell. Knowing at least a few notes you like makes searching for a perfume much easier.

The top note of the perfume is felt as soon as you smell it for the first time, and it creates a first impression. On the skin, this scent remains intense for a relatively short time, so when choosing a perfume, it is better to pay attention to base notes that last for more than a few hours.

The base perfume notes reveal the entire spectrum of the scent and the overall depth of the perfume: the more expressive the composition of the base notes, the more intense the smell of the fragrance.

In addition, the so-called heart perfume notes are also distinguished, which are revealed about half an hour after the first spray. It is essential because it ensures the compatibility of the scent.

The most important thing is that the different notes of the perfume are revealed gradually, but even though they are different, they perfectly match each other and seem to complement each other.

Niche perfumes: what to pay attention to?


Niche perfumes always have their exclusive audience: they are chosen by strong, self-confident personalities. Among other things, the aromas of niche perfumes are usually much more intensive, attract attention, and last longer.

When choosing niche perfumes online, stricter rules apply. First, you need to analyze all the perfume notes thoroughly: since they are very intensive, you need to know whether they suit you.
Niche perfumes are often dominated by oriental aromas: for example, spices. Such scents are far from suitable for everyone.

Unisex perfumes are considered the "safest" option - they are called the most universal. In addition, if you buy a niche perfume for the first time, it is the classic fragrance that should be preferred.

Niche perfumes are usually a bit more expensive; sophisticated packaging symbolizes quality, so many choose them as gifts. However, experts recommend choosing niche perfumes for yourself.

Perfumes online: can they be chosen as a gift?


Perfume, in any case, remains the most popular gift of all time and for all occasions. For those who want to choose a gift online, it is recommended to select classic combinations of scents.

Men's perfumes for gifts usually have strong licorice, tobacco, or citrus aromas, feminine fragrances - floral aromas, and unisex perfumes - musk or vanilla scents. These combinations are considered the most fashionable and non-committal, so they are perfect for a gift, even for a less familiar person.

Another rule is that quality is more important than quantity, so it is better to choose bottles with a smaller capacity but with a higher concentration of scents.

Of course, there are more rules for choosing perfumes online. However, it is worth remembering that the quality of a fragrance is not determined by its brand name or the abundance of advertising. The most important thing is the smell and how it suits a particular person.


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