Oud Code perfumed water for men 100ml

  • Oud Code perfumed water for men 100ml

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  •  OUD CODE is energetic and luxurious aroma that will enchant your sensations and take you to the world of indescribable grandness and heaven beauty, this scent is a wonderful mix of Oriental, woody, sharp and balsamic tones intertwined with the smell of luxurious musk and precious amber. It is the excellent eau de perfume for men with Oud wood and agarwood tones. The demand for Oud fragrance is growing, while Asdaaf brand believes in supply of exclusively supreme quality scents. Mithqal by MITHqal will take you into a luxurious, unforgettable atmosphere of a palace. Laconic, perfectly balanced scent composition starts with bright-sparkling pure, fresh chords of citric bergamot, the middle layer is enriched with charming Oriental scents and embracing precious ether oils, while the scent closes with a trace of scents filled with sensual tones of subtle temptation. White musk.