Opulent Sapphire perfumed water for men 100ml

  • Opulent Sapphire perfumed water for men 100ml

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  •  Arabic motifs of citric flowers will excite everyone, as they contain the Oriental beauty and warmth, which are deeply longed for in the busy daily life of modern people. Time has come to know oneself better and to arrange your smell pyramid into separate but equally impressive puzzles. Upper tones: Fresh basil brings true freshness in the beginning, which is perfectly combined with myrtles scent. Citric hue of lemon and bergamot liven up fresh properties and fill them with sunny mood from the first encounter. Heart notes: Fragrant jasmine is combined with a rose making an obviously expensive bouquet. Sea bouquet leaves a fresh breeze bringing new life to petals. The main notes: amber mixing with woody white cedar warmth. Juniper is the last highlight of this story, giving us the sensation of hardly possible, embracing path.