Opulent Oud perfumed water unisex 100ml

  • Opulent Oud perfumed water unisex 100ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Amber4 Oud3 Woody2 Caramel1 Spicy
  • Unlike the light floral perfume "Opulent Musk", there will be a dark mysterious - seductive oriental aroma. The composition is placed in a mystical black carbon bottle, the front surface of which is decorated with an exclusive embossed ornament and contrasting gilded inserts. The vessel is crowned with a solid gold-tone lid to harmoniously complete the exclusive luxury design. The scent invites you to a fascinating journey through the mysterious and multifaceted East, where at every step we can expect rather inexplicable phenomena and mysterious events incomprehensible to the mind of the simple and novice. The mystical unisex-scented Lattafa Perfumes Opulent Oud perfume pyramid is filled with oriental contrasts and inner nobility, which can be felt from the very first moments of opening the perfume on the skin. The opening chords of the triangle sound like a rich savory melody of a precious saffron with its characteristic salty velvet accents.
    The heart of the flowers is immersed in the sweetness of graceful jasmine, dissolves smoothly in the intense amber base. The bright woody union of majestic cedars and warm creamy sandalwood was chosen as the thunderous finale of Lattafa Perfumes Opulent Oud.