Maahir black perfumed water unisex 100ml

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  • Maahir Black Edition is a luxury oriental unisex perfume released by the famous Arabic perfume brand Lattafa as part of the luxury fragrance collection. Maahir perfume, repeatedly corrected to get a thicker and richer sound. However, he retained the original design bottle with a sculptural image of a horse’s head. Only this time the bottle and cap were completely black.
    The aromatic composition meets with a warm, slightly earthy spice of patchouli leaves, then continues with smoky notes of coniferous cedar and bitter notes of coniferous pine. And the sound of the composition ends with a soft and at the same time multifaceted woody chord dominated by oudas. Subtle, slightly skin tones and exciting musk give the Lattafa Maahir Black Edition composition a special depth and texture.