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  • Maahir is a luxury oriental unisex perfume released by the famous Arabic perfume brand Lattafa as part of a collection of luxury fragrances. The bottle of original design is decorated with a sculptural image of a horse’s head, emphasizing the originality of the perfume in it.
    In the upper arrangement, the perfume conquers the freshness of the citrus notes of bergamot and the acidity of the red berry pie, which is characterized by the characteristic taste of a Bellini cocktail consisting of champagne and peach pulp. At the heart of Lattafa Maahir's composition, the sweet-smoking shades of the holy morning shades are perfectly combined with the sharp notes of saffron, the heady aroma of jasmine honey and the refined scent of pink lily. And all this aromatic splendor is immersed in the soft, almost velvety-sounding wooden base of the composition, woven from oud and sandalwood with subtle shades of musk and sweet nuances of vanilla.