LF Scent of Bucharest 50ml

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  • Refreshing, confident and modern perfume for men. A fragrance for a man who enjoys life with great energy. The aroma, interwoven with fresh and lust-inspiring scents, radiates originality, sophistication and joy of life. The man for whom he is destined pursues his goals with great enthusiasm, but at the same time remains witty and coveted.
    The aroma of modern wood-scented perfume for men is spicy and refreshing. Initially surrounded by the freshness of apple and citrus scents, it goes perfectly with a bouquet of floral and spicy scents, with a warm cinnamon and clove scent.

    - Top notes: bergamot, lemon, apple, plum - Middle notes: cloves, cinnamon, dalbergia, carnations;
    - Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, fragrant goldenrod.
    Scent character: elegant, stylish; a sign of a man's success.
    The smell is close to Hugo Boss No.6