LF Scent of Beirut 50ml

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  • Scent of Beirut in the spirit of a free and enchanting woman. Bright, oriental character of wood and ambros: sensual, lush and addictive. Double name, dual personality. Free and charming, playful and provocative, carefree and eccentric. A bright and sensual sleuth of aroma, revealing the character of a playful and rebellious woman, not afraid to change her image every day. Oriental, wood and ambros aroma, characterized by exceptional character. The aroma is created on the basis of a patchouli, to which the heat is given by a ambros chord with vanilla absolute and tongapups. In heart notes, roses and jasmine notes contrasting with citrus freshness complement the rich sound of aroma.

    The scent is close to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle