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  • Luxurious, masculine fragrance created for a real aristocrat who is able to appreciate the family tree and
    the importance of family traditions. The noble aroma of the fragrance inspires the imagination, making you think about
    bright, majestic images of French gardens ripening the fruits of lush mighty trees
    red-orange. At the beginning of the composition - a spicy bouquet of oriental spices, in which
    dominated by black pepper. In the center of the heart - the softness of lavender and gorgeous orange flowers. Great
    perfume bottle, painted in the noble hues of Burgundy wine. Everything concludes exquisite
    wood amber, the aroma of which is decorated with sandalwood, forest moss and resinous tonka bean
    smell. The beautiful composition gives the charismatic personality special privileges and
    attractiveness of the opposite sex, recalling the delicate balance of light and shadow,
    who rules over his unfathomable soul.