Haramain Belle Rouge 75ml

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  • To arouse good emotions, it is enough to sprinkle with the wonderful aroma of fruit and flower essence - Belle Rouge.
    Like AL ​​HARAMAIN Belle’s first fragrance is dedicated to femininity: to express HER feminine smile, HER graceful gait, HER ambiguous words and friendly attitude, HER coquettishness and flirtatious glances, thoughtful decisions and HER success.
    Notes of jasmine and rose together with juicy notes of orange, peach and lemon give the composition a seductive spice. The aroma of Belle Rouge brings your desires and passions to the surface, like a living ship of emotions, whose sails are filled with strong winds. Belle Rouge - a passionate beauty of the feast!

    Aromatic composition:
    Top note: mandarin, orange, pear, lemon, grapefruit;
    Heart note: lavender, jasmine, rose, peach, black currant;
    Base note: cedar tree, vetiver, tonka beans, sandalwood, musk.