Gucci Collection arabic version Exclusive Collection Capriole unisex set 150ml

  • Gucci Collection arabic version Exclusive Collection Capriole unisex set 150ml

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  • The collection consists of five fragrances created for the Gucci collection.

    The set includes five fragrances:

    1. The voice of the Snake under "Gucci The Voice Of The Snake" perfume is simple in components, but original in execution: oud, patchouli and saffron in the top, middle and base notes, respectively, create a completely unusual woody-spicy flair that is ideally complements both male and female image. Eau de Parfum The Voice Of The Snake "sounds" on the skin of its owner, like an inaudible whisper that speaks of the charm, courage and beauty of the person from whom it comes.   

    2. A Song for the Rose under "Gucci A Song for the Rose" is an exhilarating and sunny floral unisex perfume wrapped in the most delicate aura of woody-musky notes. An expression of absolute femininity, the extract of the silky-spicy Bulgarian rose is captured in its purest form - just before the harvest in the field and is saturated with the most delicate sweet musk and strong woody undertones. When mixed with other fragrances in the collection, A Song For The Rose emphasizes the lightness and grace of floral notes.   

    3. Winter's Spring under "Gucci Winter's Spring" mimosa brings joy and hope for the best at the end of winter. Bright inflorescences of a scattering of flowers are the first sign of the onset of spring. The instant burst of energy and light contained in this perfume is emphasized by expressive notes of pepper and musk.

    4. Ode on Melancholy under "Gucci Ode On Melancholy" woody perfume, like other fragrances of this line, is dressed in a charming bottle of soft green color with a golden inscription. Inside lies a gentle melody, consisting of notes of nagarmot, white cedar, sandalwood and patchouli.   

    5. A Chant for the Nymph under "Gucci A Chant For The Nymph" is an ode to rainforests and exotic plants. Surrounded by the aroma of Ylang Ylang and Tiara flowers, the nymph invites you on an exciting journey to an outlandish land.