Chanel Collection arabic version Chancel Collection men's set 250ml EDP

  • Chanel Collection arabic version Chancel Collection men's set 250ml EDP

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  • The collection consists of five scents created by the Chanel collection.

    The set includes five flavors

    1. Perfume for men initially spreads a provocative aroma of citrus, peppermint and pink pepper - fresh, pure and endlessly arousing lust. Afterwards, the smell of cedar and fragrant golden berries and the scent of jasmine give the aroma warmth, and the smell of ginger enhances the sharpness of the grapefruit. The scent waves of wood - sandalwood, patchouli and incense boswells - emphasize the vigor of the aroma and arouse passion.

    2. Sycomore Eau de Parfum, "forest perfume". should be a wood perfume that stands out from all others and represents the strength of the wood, the rough texture of the bark and the crackling of the branches in summer. Smoky and spicy, this is a perfume focused on vetiver.
     Scent notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Aldehydes, Tobacco, Lanterns, Cypress, Juniper berries, Pink pepper, Spices

    3. Refreshing and sensual aroma, inviting to escape and immerse yourself in peace. The aroma pulsates in a perfect harmony of body and soul charm.
    For a man who enjoys outdoor activities, sports and leisure outdoors. Peace and well-being are spread with every touch of perfumed water.
    Fresh and sensual aroma with elegant notes.
    The sparkling freshness of mandarin, accentuated by chords of crystalline purity, blends into the clean, intense notes of cedar. Sensual almond notes of Venezuelan tonga beans surrounded by white musk create a lush and intense streak. 

    4. Perfume for women reminiscent of the atmosphere of green fields and clear blue skies. This gentle floral aroma is reminiscent of early spring, with scents of grass, chopped leaves and idyllic wind. The green notes are warmed with fresh skin and refreshing accents. Scents: Flowers, Herb, Leather, Herbs

    5. Aroma for men - fresh, long-lasting and masculine. So this fragrant and modern scent is perfect for an extrovert who is afraid to express their opinion, to express thoughts. It starts with the classic scent of rosemary and bitter lemon oil, followed by the traditional aroma of lavender, ferula and sage. This lust-inspiring aroma is completed by the warm wood, garden elk, fragrant golden bears and hairy elderberries,