Capriole unisex 150ml

  • Capriole unisex 150ml

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    1. Chic dress, evening dress, expensive jewelry - you must be ready for such an image and fit not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The rose and saffron rise to the red carpet. The heart of the oriental woody composition is filled with patchouli and cedar, the consensus of the separation of vanilla, tobacco and musk sounds.

    2. It is a royal blend of aromatic notes composed of white flower blossoms and vases, highlighting a playful, joyful mood. A refreshing and pleasant scent like a spring day opens with a duo of neroli essential oil and lemon. The heart of the aroma is created by a mixture of jasmine, cinnamon, fragrant tonga beans and pink berries, and the composition is crowned by notes of sandalwood, patchouli, agar, cashmere, amber and musk.

    3. The calm and faded perfume sounds like a sweet sensual melody of beauty and love, a rich powerful symphony of precious rare and bright-sounding, olfactory notes. The sweet and refreshing accents of fragrant black currant berries, juicy ripe pears and sunny bright mandarins open the aroma, which the further development of the perfume composition fills with a passionate weave of sweet warm caramel and a trio of white jasmine flowers. , intoxicating honey rose and gentle intoxicating lilac. 

    4. The fragrance is designed for strong, sensual women who are well versed in using their attractiveness. The aroma comes from a spray of juicy citrus fruits, which include a sweet orange and a fragrant bergamot. The heart is full of fruit charm and is based on noble notes of amber, white musk and sweet Malagasy vanilla.

    5. The aroma of vanilla-cedar is great! The impeccability of the musk perfectly emphasizes the subtle smokiness of the tobacco. The exotic nature of the herbs is accompanied by a thin trail of woody fresh patchouli. The elegance of the purple-velvet bottles only reinforces the impression of a unique symphony of aromas.

    6.The highest quality, masterful, unparalleled aroma is composed of fragrant kananga, coriander and pink pepper. The heart of the fragrance is created by a mixture of jasmine, cloves and roses, and the composition is crowned with notes of fragrant goldenberry, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, moss, amber, agar and vanilla. The aroma is rich, dark and deep, flavored with oriental spices and warm wood notes, emphasizing the refined classic charm.