Bvlgari Jasmin Noir arabic version Jasmin Noir perfumed water for women 100ml

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  • Black jasmine is a work of imagination. Its abundant tiny white and snow delicate flowers radiate a mysterious aroma that evokes a strong desire, which becomes especially intriguing at dusk. The scent of Jasmin Noir perfume for women, which smells of flowers, wood and amber, is based on the scent of jasmine flowers. It radiates a stunning lust aroused by femininity - for women whose soul is both delicate and lustful. Then the enchanting - gentle and seductive - aroma of Arab jasmine spreads. Unexpectedly, it merges with the light silky scent of almonds - gentle, but refreshing and seductive. Finally, it smells of rare wood and ambergris, surrounded by the lush mysterious aroma of patchouli, warm tonga beans and lust-inducing musk.