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  • The composition of Bruni perfume belongs to the oriental class. The most recognizable shades of this perfume creation are: in the upper notes - Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian orange and Sicilian lemon; heart notes - fruit notes; in the main notes - Madagascar vanilla, a chord of white musk and golden amber.Only one spray is enough, and the whole supermarket will be filled with your scent, and you will not have to renew the scent for another week! All this time, you will watch the slow fading of the feather change, showing you and the environment different aspects, colors and shades and, of course, delight you with every sound! The main condition is minimal aroma adaptation! The magic of revelation is also huge !!! The aroma is revealed by pleasant citrus-fruit notes, the aroma of the aroma on the skin, the wearer's clothes and trail play with various nuances and evoke the feeling of many compositions.