Initio oud for Greatness arabiska versija Badee Al Oud 100ml

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  • Badee Al Oud perfume is a new composition for women and men, which receives a special request in the evening. An expensive gift from talented oriental masters in the cold season, it flashes in the brightest and juiciest colors, leaving a savory taste of an incomprehensible mystery. Spring, winter or autumn - stylish perfume does not lose its relevance in any weather, surrounding the owner with an invisible halo of silk softness and subtle warmth. The first minutes of perfume scent are removed by the intriguing coolness of lavender, the enticing softness and power of nutmeg in precious saffron. The bouquet of heart-spinning meding-herbal patchouli essential oil charm and the noble nature of exotic oudo luxury, long taken by the motifs of sexy and soulful musk.