Areej Al Oud perfumed water unisex 100ml

  • Areej Al Oud perfumed water unisex 100ml

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    Capacity (ml)
    5 Oud4 Vanilla
  • The warmth of the home environment, the natural desire to create a cozy life - what else is needed to have peace? You can clearly hear incredible notes in the air, soft and palpable. Many people sometimes want to be at home in the middle of the work day. This is a natural desire for those who are accustomed to doing the necessary things on time, without delay. The great aroma of sweetness and at the same time bitterness is reminiscent of cognac. Its subtlety is combined with intoxicating stunning. I would like the sophistication not to end. The scent of Areej Al Oud is a choice for those who want seriousness. They are lucky, they are given by nature itself. The sparkling, silent oudo aroma is unique. The notes of the aroma are traditionally complemented by vanilla. Each drop provides long-lasting pleasure. Strong effects are an added benefit.