AL Haramain Diamond perfumed oil unisex 12ml

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  • DIAMOND is a unisex perfume composition. Ideal for those who always try to look stylish and attractive. The composition of the scent allows a girl to be gentle and romantic, an adult to be feminine and sexy, a man to be stylish and attractive.
    Oriental-floral scent with bright wood motifs differs from many other oriental-type perfumes - the scent is produced according to modern fashion trends, toning with citrus motifs, but retains classic amber notes.
    Suitable for everyday use, parties - at the same time, no matter what style of clothing you choose: sporty or romantic, sexy or businesslike. Applying a fragrant natural perfume to the neck or wrist will provide attractiveness and sensuality. The beginning of the scent is accentuated by wood notes.
    In the center of the perfume are expressive flowers, a real summer gift. The composition is rounded by a durable ambergris that unfolds on the skin throughout the day. Seductive amber is complemented by woody motifs and musk sweetness.