Ahlam Al Khaleej perfumed water unisex 100ml

  • Ahlam Al Khaleej perfumed water unisex 100ml

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  •  Arabian perfumery with a special emphasis on tradition and the deep inner world of the East is a luxurious, rich, full of viscous sweetness and exciting olfactory receptors of sensual pleasure niche ard al Zaafaran fragrances. This time, it opens the mysterious doors of 1000 and 1 nights and invites you to drown in the grandeur of palaces, the softness of Turkish carpets and the melodic ringing of bracelets on thin girlish wrists in a light cloud of chiffon outfits, the women's fragrance Ahlam Al Khaleej Ard Al Zaafaran. an associative line with the fairy tales of the East, where a seductive elixir is hidden behind a soft cover of a noble golden cognac color, sharpened in a heavy bottle with a massive lid.   

    The scent trapped in the glass is a tempting temptation that beckons to drown in your arms and experience true gourmet delight. Sprays of fresh bergamot, woven into a single melody of passion, flowing down onto the tart-sweet black currant, are seasoned with spicy saffron and pepper. A pulsating alarm in the heart of the fragrance sounds languid rosebuds with velvet petals, delicate jasmine and ylang-ylang filled with passion. Ahlam Al Khaleej Ard Al Zaafaran's sensual, filling trail envelops an animalistic sexy musk, accentuated by the depth of patchouli and restrained woody notes.