Afrozy men's set EDP 100ml

  • Afrozy men's set EDP 100ml

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  • 1. Lion Francesco aphrosidiaque, luxurious niche fragrance for men with aphrodisiac. The fragrance
    lasts long on the clothing and leaves unforgettable trail of musk, moss and patchouli, and amber is very strong aphrodisiac. So, dear men, women’s attention is assured. Top notes: bergamot, black
    currant, pineapple. Middle notes: jasmine, patchouli. Base notes: amber, musk, moss, vanilla. 

    2. Lion Francesco Red line resonates with real masculinity of the time. Plenty of seductive aromacreates implacable magnetic attraction. Like hot transition from transparency to the full clarity,from night blackness to amber shining. Tempting, attractive and burning classic base of fragrantbean enriched by burnt styrax notes of the heated amber. Later blend of lavender, musk and orangeblossom flows. Every scent heated by aroma of fragrant bean with tobacco accords accompanied byaccords of heated amber. All scents mixed with smell of your skin become almost palpable. They all fascinate, stimulate and seduce.

    3. Lion Francesco Deep Blue excites the purest and brightest feelings by it’s inspiring citric scent of
    top notes. Rich notes of vetiver and pink paprika supplement the melody, motivate to act and
    provide resolve. The fragrance of modern knight, knowing no defeat, unpredictable and
    overstepping borders of everyday life. Aware of his worth the man is able to make true the most
    desirable women’s dreams. The heart of fragrance plays with bright colours of cedar and grapefruit
    enveloping in charm and deleting edges of reality. The fragrance, embodiment of the pride, pearl
    among scents created by humans.
    4. Charming and exciting fragrance with pyramid focused to natural essence of oud. The luxurious,
    simple, modern masculine fragrance for those who do not accept limitations. The sensual and deep
    aroma for a confident man radiating strength and wanting to shine in the grey crowd. Aroma
    helping any man make indelible impression, create aura of mystery and secret sensuality around. It
    acts like strong aphrodisiac liberating, exciting and bringing to the world of fantasy. Oud is the
    oldest and rarest ingredient of perfume having unique features. It fascinates, envelops, makes fall in
    love. Creates attractive image of the owner due to its unbelievable rich, expensive scent arousing
    attention and admiration of representatives of the weaker sex. The fragrance is an excellent accent
    attracting attention to the wearer, so better to use it in the evening or for special occasions.