999.9 perfumed deodorant men's 250ml

  • 999.9 perfumed deodorant men's 250ml

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  • Lattafa Parfums perfumed deodorant "24 carat pure gold" is an oriental fragrance with a classic combination of Oudh, Roses and Vanilla. The scent is ideal for leisure.

    Key Notes: Warm spicy, balsamic, leather, Oudh, smoky exclusive scent and elegant design packaging. A well-known and popular oriental blend. A perfumed deodorant with quite attractive oriental shades, whose warmth and softness radiate a pleasant harmony. It is a scent that can be worn all year round. Exceptional fragrance, top quality and more durable is known all over the world. It is a scent that dazzles all the senses with its wonderful blend of natural ingredients used in the East for millennia. A great scent that announces your presence in a dominant scent that prepares your way and sets you apart wherever you go. For perfume lovers, it offers a pleasantly pleasing divine fragrance, which can also be an ideal gift. Spritz a dose around your neck and you will find yourself in a world of oriental floral scents that lead to a more charming world. It’s a scent that “should” have your luxury collection. 100% brand new and original.